Pollution in Indonesia
Effective waste management instead of environmental pollution: Project STOP is working on this in three Indonesian cities.

12.7.2021 An estimated 12 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. The enormous environmental problem is calling more and more companies to take action against it. For example, the Austrian plastics manufacturer Borealis has been campaigning against plastic entry into the sea for four years - and this directly in Asia. Project STOP, an initiative founded by Borealis and consultants Systemiq, has set up waste disposal systems for 200.000 people in three Indonesian cities and collected around 11.000 tons of waste. It has now been announced that Project STOP will not stop, on the contrary: by 2025, the garbage of two million Indonesians should be disposed of. Coca-Cola has also announced that it wants to curb plastic pollution. Together with the NGO The Ocean Cleanup, the group wants to clean 15 particularly heavily polluted rivers using floating cleaning platforms, among other things. The first projects are running in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

Photo: Project STOP