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Pact in front of many witnesses

"Yes, I want" say wedding couples mostly in front of many people. In Austria an average of 90 guests celebrate, in India even 525. Due to Covid-19, many weddings are canceled this year (smaller).

GUESTS: Indian weddings are usually large and expensive

Tears often flow at weddings - but this year emotional outbursts must take place before the celebration. Due to the wedding crasher SARS-CoV-19, millions of weddings worldwide had to be canceled or postponed. This affects not only those who want to get married, but also a global industry of service providers that generated an estimated $ 300 billion in annual sales in pre-pandemic times.

As is well known, getting married can be very expensive - especially when several hundred guests like in India, Nigeria or Iran have to be catered for.

But marriage will also take place in 2020: simpler, more intimate - and with cameras instead of guests. In India, with around twelve million weddings and around $ 70 billion in sales a year, the heavyweight in the festive business, more and more weddings are streamed online and the distant guests are kept happy with food deliveries. In Rio de Janeiro, couples can marry in parking lots - masked and without getting out.

It remains to be seen whether all postponed weddings will really be made up for. Because with many married couples, the months-long lockdown may have sparked a strong desire for separation, as is reported from China, Japan or Turkey. 2020 seems to be the year of the divorce lawyers - and not the wedding planner.

Source: Global Wedding Report 2019,, among others