Many initiatives aim to make companies take on more responsibility.
Supply chain laws should legally establish the corporate duty of care to respect human rights.

28.12.2020 The expectations of companies to act responsibly are increasing steadily. And in more and more European countries, the corporate responsibility of internationally active companies is being legalized. While there are already legal regulations in France and the Netherlands, a corresponding application has been made in Switzerland - the so-called Corporate responsibility initiative - Rejected at the end of November. In Switzerland, corporations cannot be sued in court for violations in terms of human rights and environmental standards. In Germany this discussion is still going on: After the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights did not reveal any satisfactory voluntary commitment on the part of companies, a national supply chain and due diligence law is to be passed soon. And the European Union is also discussing the legal anchoring of a due diligence obligation for companies - a legislative proposal is expected for mid-2021.

Photo: Guilherme Cunha / Unsplash