War in Ukraine

Help in the crisis

In view of the war in Ukraine, numerous local companies are supporting people on the ground and those fleeing – a selection:

ARBO Vienna
Numerous companies have set up offers of help. In the picture: ARBÖ Vienna

Mattresses, accommodation, mobile phone charges: the Ukraine crisis has prompted many Austrian companies to support people on the ground and those fleeing. For example, the sugar company Agrana, which operates in the Ukraine, has set up an emergency aid fund for employees in the war zone and is providing them with company apartments in Poland and Romania. In a Czech plant, injection molding machine manufacturer Engel employs around 12.000 Ukrainian workers, and accommodation has also been found for their relatives. Plastics processor Greiner has in turn provided XNUMX mattresses for Red Cross emergency shelters in Ukraine and in border regions, and the Erste Bank Group has set up a day center for refugees with food and beds in its canteen near Vienna's main train station. Telecom provider Magenta allows customers to make free calls to and from Ukraine, and refugees can also communicate with Ukrainian cell phones in Austria without roaming fees. The ARBÖ Vienna is also creative in charitable work: The traffic club collects old car dispensaries and sends the urgently needed bandages – after an inspection by the RUSZ repair and service center – to the Ukraine.

Photo: ARBÖ Vienna