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Price for small steps

Esther Duflo: Millions of children have benefited from tutoring programs based on their research.

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer were awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics 2019 for their experimental approach to poverty reduction. According to the jury, the three researchers have "substantially improved our ability to fight global poverty." At the same time, economists are not explicitly concerned with global patterns of explanation, but with a specific view of local conditions in poor regions.

For example, researchers in India and Kenya have been testing aid programs and have come to the conclusion, among other things, that in the educational system of developing countries, due to large differences in the conditions, it would make sense to classify children by ability rather than age, and less money for textbooks as an investment in the health of students. The formerly very theory-driven development economics was virtually put into practice by this approach - this requires many small steps, according to the winners.

Photo: Kris Krüger / Flickr