High demand for the aid package from OeKB (Image: Head Office)

25.06.2020 In mid-March, at the beginning of the corona crisis in Austria, the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank OeKB put together a first aid package for exporters on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance. This allowed large companies to apply for additional credit funds amounting to ten percent and SMEs amounting to 15 percent of their export sales. The offer of support was received positively: the exporting companies submitted around 280 applications, 230 of which were approved with a total volume of around 1,8 billion euros. Since the originally budgeted financing volume of two billion euros was almost exhausted, the funds from the OeKB's special control bank refinancing facility were increased to three billion euros at the end of May. The loans are primarily intended to secure the location and to continue operations. The financing is initially limited to two years, with the possibility of a further extension. 

Photo: OeKB / Christina Häusler