Development cooperation in Austria will have more money available in the future.
More money The funds for the foreign disaster fund and for the Austrian Development Agency will be increased.

21.12.2020 Development cooperation is becoming increasingly important in times of crisis. Austria reacts with an increase in funds: According to the draft budget, bilateral cooperation is to increase to around EUR 2021 million in 125 (2020: EUR 114,4 million). In addition, the Foreign Disaster Fund with recently 52,5 million euros will more than double (2020: 25 million euros), in 2024 even funds of 60 million euros are planned annually. For the first time, the government is appointing a special representative, Christoph Schweifer, to coordinate the higher-value humanitarian aid. Austria's development cooperation is therefore likely to rise to 2021 percent of gross national income in 0,45, but without further increases it will fall to 0,27 percent in the medium term. The target of 0,7 percent to which Austria has committed itself remains out of reach. Internationally, it can be expected that funding for development cooperation will tend to shrink rather than increase due to falling national budgets.

Photo: Austrian Development Agency