OeKB bonds are used for renewable energy projects.
Fresh wind 71 percent of the proceeds from the new OeKB sustainability bond will be used for OeEB environmental projects.

02.09.2021 The first two Sustainability Bonds from Oesterreichische Kontrollbank OeKB are on with investors huge interest - and have earned OeKB first place in the current global sustainability rating of the Sustainalytics agency. The first own sustainability bond in October 2020 with a volume of EUR 500 million and a term of seven years was followed in March of this year by a five-year bond with a volume of around EUR 100 million. The proceeds from the issue of the younger bond flow exclusively into projects of the Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank OeEB. For OeEB, this new opportunity to get money on the capital market seems to have greater potential: "OeEB and OeKB are in constant consultation on the possibility of further sustainability bonds - gladly again as a bond with exclusive use for OeEB projects," says Clemens Stadler, Head of Investment Financing at OeEB.

Photo: Siemens