Greenstart & Energy Globe Awards

Environmental stars Made in Austria

Magazine 89 - Winter 2020

The winners of the start-up competition Greenstart and the Energy Globe Award for outstanding environmental projects have been announced.

The Rebel Meat team impressed with climate-friendly meat products.
Greenstar (t) 2020 The Rebel Meat team impressed with climate-friendly meat products.

"Rebel Meat" with its meat-reduced burger patties, "Traivelling" as the first rail travel agency for climate-friendly travel and "Green Sentinel" with its innovative process for processing sewage sludge: These are the three winners of Green start, the start-up competition of the Climate and Energy Fund, which this year honored climate-friendly business ideas for the fifth time, each awarding them 15.000 euros. The starting shot for the next round has already been fired. Business ideas can again be submitted until March 8th. 

Outstanding environmental projects are also the focus of the every year Energy Globe Awards, which this year received almost 300 submissions from Austria. The 2020 award winners include Porr Bau with a program to reduce CO2-Emissions of building materials, Lixtec for energy-saving street lighting and the Redwave for increasing efficiency in recycling plants. The companies Imhotep and Kalomiris Consulting, the Vorderwald region and HTL Mödling were also recognized.

Photo: Rebel Meat