No math games

Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID

Edition 89 - Winter 2020

Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID team
Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID

Austria wants to become climate neutral by 2040. For this, the republic would have to increase its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 million tons annually by 4,5 to reduce. And even if the political commitment to climate neutrality seems to have lost its priority in the face of the corona crisis, it must be said that we ourselves were not on the right track before that. Domestic greenhouse gas emissions rose again in 2019 - by 1,8 percent.

A trend reversal in domestic greenhouse gas emissions would only be part of the homework. In addition, we need a serious examination of the upstream and downstream emissions of our actions - in the value chains of domestic companies and public procurement as well as in our individual consumption decisions. If the goal is actually climate neutrality, arithmetic games are definitely not enough. Because although every reduction naturally contributes to the achievement of goals, a clear commitment is required that goes beyond slightly adapted business as usual.

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea