Resuming Business in Emerging Markets 

STAY TUNED! Soon we will host a new webevent series!

In the aftermath of the economic shutdown most Austrian companies face the challenge to restart global business operations. During the past decades several of the most competitive Austrian businesses had entered emerging markets that promised growth and new opportunities. Some of those countries will face an economic downturn, while others will re-emerge as promising future markets.

A continued global perspective of Austrian companies will be vital: for their own sake in terms of opportunities that may compensate the demand gap in established markets, but also with regards to sustainable development in these regions. More than ever there will be a growing demand in the health and energy sector, for machinery and equipment as well as for sustainable and innovative technologies. Austrian companies are well equipped to provide solutions.

The corporAID event series “Resuming business in emerging markets” will offer insights into Latin America, India and South East Asia and discuss how Austrian companies can take opportunities that not only help them to recover more quickly from the crisis, but at the same time have an impact on issues like climate change and sustainable development.

September 2020 (tba)  

In collaboration with Außenwirtschaft Austria.