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Austria's contribution to a global green recovery

Society and the economy are suffering from the consequences of the corona crisis worldwide. Emerging and developing countries in particular are feeling the economic slump particularly drastically. Because, unlike in Europe, there is mostly a lack of social security systems and state aid for companies in the face of lockdowns, demand shocks and disrupted value chains. At the same time, advancing climate change makes it necessary to reduce CO2 emissions to a large extent. The challenges for emerging and developing countries are once again considerable: in the form of the costs of adapting to the consequences of climate change and in terms of creating climate-friendly prosperity for growing populations.

Countries and international institutions around the world want to respond to declines in growth and climate change with a green recovery: economic recovery is to be promoted through investments in resource-efficient technologies and the corresponding infrastructure. Such a green transformation could ultimately fundamentally change the economy through the emerging paradigm of climate neutrality.
For Austrian companies, too, a 'global green recovery' can be a trigger to move closer to climate neutrality and at the same time to succeed in difficult but long-term high-growth markets. The topics range from renewable energy to resource-saving systems and processes to reducing emissions in your own value chain.
The corporAID conference “Global Green Recovery” invited international experts and company representatives to discuss the following questions:
  • What can a green recovery actually look like in emerging and developing countries?
  • What are the opportunities for Austrian companies?
  • To what extent do Austrian companies need to rethink their established competitive advantages for a global green upswing?
  • How can climate neutrality be made compatible with increased added value in emerging and developing countries?
  • What impulses can Austria provide for global, climate-friendly economic growth?


Presentations workshop 1

  • Presentation, Linda Staib | Corporate Sustainability Manager, ALPLA
  • Presentation, Constantin Saleta | Senior Consultant, Denkstatt

Presentations Green Recovery Challenge

  • Presentation, Hans Joachim Zinn can | Lab of Tomorrow, GIZ
  • Presentation, Arnold shoe | Emerging Markets and CEE Center, WU Vienna
  • PresentationMartin Grossauer, Head of Technical Services, FCC Environment CEE

Program of the corporAID conference


Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Bernhard Weber | Managing Director ICEP

09:15 KEYNOTE 1 Global Green Recovery:
Green transformation as a way to create new value

Tilman Altenburg | Head of Research Department Sustainable Economic and Social Development, German Development Institute

09:30 KEYNOTE 2 Global Green Recovery:
Business action for transformative change

Birgit Haberl-Arkhurst | Expert in sustainability and climate, PwC Austria

09:45 break (15 minutes)

Austrian perspectives on 'Global Green Recovery'


  • Tilman Altenburg | Head of the Research Department Sustainable Economic and Social Development, German Development Institute
  • Birgit Haberl-Arkhurst | Expert for sustainability and climate, PwC Austria
  • Karl-Heinz Leitner | Senior Scientist, Center for Innovation Systems & Policy Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Heinz Leitner | Managing Director, Komptech

11:30 am BREAK (30 minutes)

Challenges and Opportunities of Global Green Recovery

Workshop 1:
Entry into green markets 

Wolfgang Diernhofer | Head of Department, KPC
Michael Zimmermann | Project manager go-international, WKÖ

Workshop 2:
A climate neutral future

Constantin Saleta | Senior Consultant, Denkstatt
Linda Staib | Corporate Sustainability Manager, ALPLA

13:30 END of day 1


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The upcoming challenges of the 'New Normal'


  • Sabine Gaber | Board member, OeEB
  • Michael Otter | Head of Foreign Trade Austria, WKÖ
  • Jürgen Schneider | Head of Section VI, BMK
  • Desiree Schweitzer | Head of Section VII, BMEIA

Moderation: Bernhard Weber | Managing Director, ICEP

10:30 BREAK (30 minutes)

11:00 GREEN-RECOVERY-CHALLENGE: Part 1 (in English)

Christian Maurer | Cluster Manager Environment, Cleantech Cluster
Edith Mychalewicz | Economy and Development, ADA 
Matthias Weichhart | Expert for Impact Innovation, FFG
Hans Joachim Zinn can | Lab of Tomorrow, GIZ
12:15 p.m. GREEN-RECOVERY-CHALLENGE: Part 2 (in English)
Arnold shoe | Emerging Markets and CEE Center, WU Vienna
Martin Grossauer, Head of Technical Services, FCC Environment CEE

13:30 END