Doing Business in Africa: Connecting with Start-ups 

corporAID and Next Africa launch their new web-multilogue series Doing Business in Africa!

A huge demand meets an interconnected global economy. More and more European companies are engaging in African countries. However, doing business in emerging and frontier markets requires “thinking out of the box” that goes beyond established management practices. The web-multilogue series Doing Business in Africa offers tangible insights into relevant success factors and discusses how entrepreneurs can react and adapt to specific challenges and demands.

Connecting with start-ups was part one of this event series, and connected the audience directly with a successful start-up entrepreneur in Kigali, Rwanda, and with a business accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Getting first-hand insights from an African perspective on:

  • What constitutes successful business models in African markets – what is so different from Europe?
  • Why do so many foreign investments fail? How to find the right local partner?
  • Why and how to connect with African Start-ups?

Food for Thought: 

Lionel Mpfizi | Awesomity Lab: How a small African start-up supported a big European corporation in Rwanda

Lillian Marenya | GrowthAfrica: What European companies can learn from successful Eastern African Business Models

This event was hosted in collaboration with Next Africa.