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The global market for off-grid solar technologies is growing rapidly. Investments in e-waste management are needed now to ensure that the sector grows sustainably and remains a leader in environmental responsibility. Off-grid industry leaders are exploring e-waste management solutions, such as product repair initiatives and preventative maintenance, as well as the role of waste reduction in the initial product design stage.

The Solar E-Waste Challenge has awarded funds to 12 companies in sub-Saharan Africa for the research and development of sustainable e-waste management solutions in the areas of: take back, collection and incentives; recycling and product design for recyclability; battery technology and second life initiatives and product design for life extension; product repair, refurbishment and repurposing.

Participants can expect to learn about initiatives that:
•    Streamline and integrate take-back & collection into company business models
•    Facilitate product refurbishment, reuse, or repurposing
•    Create partnerships with the informal sector
•    Enhance consumer awareness around proper e-waste disposal
•    Develop second-life battery initiatives
•    Extend product and/or component lifespan; and
•    Enhance product reparability and recyclability

Webinar speakers include specialists from EEP Africa, CLASP and GOGLA

Date & Time 
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30 

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