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Online-Workshop series:
Doing Business in Africa
The pandemic has shown us a huge need for change. While some are calling for disengagement and de-globalisation, we believe that the future of African-European relations lies in increased exchange, based on resilient and sustainable networks. Hence, with this online-workshop series we are looking for new forms of collaboration and new business models.

Online-Workshop Part 1: Rwanda – the Proof-of-Concept Country

What do companies that operate successfully in Rwanda have in common? They have chosen Rwanda to innovate!

The country has a government with a clear vision and a plan, knowing which problems should be solved first. It proactively supports companies on their innovation journey when they contribute to the development of the country. Success stories have been e.g. the worldwide first cargo drone line, a highly advanced e-health system and German Volkswagen innovating with new mobility concepts.

Date & time 
24 June 2020 | 16:00 -18:15 CEST

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Following online workshops: 

Online-Workshop Part 2: Silicon Savannah (1 July 2020 | 16.00-18.15 CEST)

Online-Workshop Part 3: Disrupt collaboration (8 July 2020 | 16.00-18.15 CEST)