Lab of Tomorrow Austria #1

Opportunities in the biogenic waste sector in Serbia

While separate collection and recycling of biogenic waste has a long tradition in Austria and the value chain for these residues is well established the productive use of biogenic residues in Serbia is not yet advanced. There are numerous challenges along the value chain, starting with waste collection and separation or productive use, for example for energy purposes. Improving the value chain for biogenic residues can open up new income opportunities for the local population or, for example, access to renewable energy sources and is therefore a lever for achieving the SDGs.

Did you know?

… about 40-50 percent of the collected waste is biogenic
… the biogenic fraction of waste causes most greenhouse gas emissions from landfills
… biogenic residues can be part of the renewable energy transition
… therefore, the biogenic waste sector offers plenty of business opportunities

To address the challenge of how to improve the value chain of biogenic waste in Serbia, ICEP’s think tank corporAID in collaboration with the Upper Austrian Cleantech Cluster started the Lab of Tomorrow Austria.

The aim of the Lab of Tomorrow is to create joint ventures or other forms of cooperation between Serbian and Austrian companies that address different challenges along the value chain of biogenic waste in Serbia. The goal is to create profitable businesses and ensure sustainable impact at the same time. More on Lab of Tomorrow Austria…

Actionable Challenges in Serbia

Subchallenge 1: Storage and collection of biogenic waste

How might we develop an efficient solution for the storage and collection of biogenic waste for different customer groups?

Subchallenge 2: Decentralized uses of biogenic waste

How might we use biogenic waste productively at the place of accrue?

Subchallenge 3: Separation and homogenization of biogenic waste

How might we provide an efficient solution for the separation and homogenization of biogenic waste for further use?

Subchallenge 4: Value-added products from biogenic waste

How might we create value-added products from biogenic waste for different customer groups?

Who are we?

Together with our cooperation partners, the Austrian Development Agency ADA, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ, corporAID and Cleantech Cluster Upper Austria are piloting the first Lab of Tomorrow in Austria.

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