Legal Notice

Legal Notice

corporAID Platform - The Austrian Platform for Business, Development and Global Responsibility
ICEP Wirtschaft und Entwicklung GmbH
Möllwaldplatz 5
1040 Vienna / Austria
Tel: + 43 (0) 1 969 02 54

corporAID Magazine 
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Media Owner
ICEP Wirtschaft und Entwicklung GmbH
Möllwaldplatz 5
1040 Vienna / Austria
Tel. +43 1 969 02 54

Commercial register number: FN 312323z
UID number: ATU 64304201
Commercial Register Court: Commercial Court Vienna
Printing: Styria GmbH & Co KG
Edition: 71.000 piece

Dr. Bernhard Weber,

Chief Editor
Mag. Christoph Eder,

Mag. Katharina Kainz,
Frederik Schäfer, MA,
Dr. Ursula Weber,

Mihai Mitrea,

Ads & partnerships
Veronika Grubmann,

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Veronika Grubmann,

Marijana Lacarak,

Events and Research
Veronica Stocker,

Editorial policy
As an initiative independent of political parties, advocacy and institutions, corporAID believes that economic development is a crucial basis for poverty reduction and globalization an opportunity for global development. The corporAID magazine wants to make a difference in global poverty reduction by soundly and appropriately illustrating central issues of globalization for the economy and society, to understanding the interaction of economy and development, and the economic and social opportunities associated with the sustainable shaping of globalization the Austrian economy is approaching.

corporAID is committed to the principles of freedom of expression, social justice, the eco-social market economy, mutual respect and individual responsibility.

corporAID permits the transfer of texts to databases that are exclusively intended for private use. The transfer and use of the data for other purposes requires the written consent of corporAID.

Last updated: April 12, 2022