Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

Issue 87 - summer 2020

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID team
Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

To classify the corona crisis as a positive wake-up call in terms of deceleration, as has sometimes been heard in this country, is rather selfish in the face of global devastation. Nevertheless, hope can be drawn from isolated developments. For example, video conferences have not only revolutionized working life in industrialized countries, but also in many developing countries, enormous advances in digitization, such as healthcare, administration and retail, have been recorded in a short time. Hundreds of thousands of Togolese are currently receiving financial aid from the state for the first time - as a money transfer directly to their cell phones. In many places, investments in the health system and local production are also likely to increase, and the share of crisis-proof renewable energy in electricity generation is set to increase. Companies will make a significant contribution to the reconstruction efforts - both local and international. There are also many opportunities for Europe and Austria.

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea