World Champion

Astrid Taus, ICEP

Issue 94 - spring 2022

Astrid Taus, ICEP
Astrid Taus, ICEP

Austrian apprentices regularly win the WorldsSkills championships in many apprenticeships, and Austrian companies are often justifiably proud of their apprenticeship programs. Here in Austria. At locations in emerging markets, the situation is usually different. There are few and often poorly equipped vocational schools and no dual apprenticeship. From Brazil to South Africa, it is not a matter of course that young people are trained, paid and valued in the work process. Even large Austrian companies rarely get involved in this area in emerging and developing countries - although they would actually be predestined to do so. 

In order to export the domestic model of success, you not only need the right mindset. But also flexible support offers that interlock schools and companies without trying to translate the Austrian system one-to-one. Or suitable tools and content for trainers. A shortage of skilled workers can even become a competitive advantage.


Astrid Taus heads the Social Impact Consulting department at ICEP.


Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea