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Water projects of the German KfW Development Bank in the Balkans

Valdanovo in Southern Vardartal, North Macedonia

Northern Macedonia

The southern Vardar valley is well suited for high-yield agriculture, provided that water resources are used efficiently. KfW Development Bank contributed EUR 15 million to corresponding measures totaling EUR 24 million. The focus is on the rehabilitation and expansion of the irrigation infrastructure with a main line, distribution network and pumping station in front of the small town of Valandovo. A construction contract worth 14,6 million euros was awarded to the Strabag forgive. This wants to complete her part in the middle of 2021. User communities as well as an operating and maintenance concept already exist. 

The fish stock at Lake Palic needs to be regulated.


In Subotica, just before the border with Hungary, the interconnected Palic and Ludas Lakes could provide a high quality recreational area. However, the quality of the water is still reduced due to wastewater discharges. With a KfW grant of 6,5 million euros, a biodiversity and lake conservation project was launched Posch and partner as an implementation consultant. Investments are made in sewage treatment plant and sewage system, a green belt is built around the lakes and the fish stock is regulated. The city and its municipal companies receive advice on water conservation, sustainable financing and public relations. 

Photo: Jan Buchholtz / flickr, Posch and partners