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Pre-Christmas rain of prices

GASBA 2019 went to the "everyone codes" project.

The closer Christmas is approaching, the more Austrian companies can look forward to prizes for sustainable activities: Coca-Cola once again presented the Get Active Social Business Award GASBA this year. The start-up “everyone codes” did the best of more than 50 projects and received prize money of 80.000 euros. The winning project is a nine-month, full-time program to train programmers to enable unemployed people to start their jobs as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Hubert Palfinger Technologies HPT was awarded the Energy Globe World Award 2019 in the "Air" category for the development of a semi-automated ship painting. The Federal Ministry for Sustainability also recognized innovative commitment: The Viktualia Award went to six outstanding projects against food waste.

Photo: Ben Doro Dad