Build forward

Katharina Kainz-Traxler, corporAID

Issue 91 - summer 2021

Katharina Kainz-Traxler, corporAID

Since the 2015 SDGs for Sustainable Development were adopted in 17, a team headed by US economist Jeffrey Sachs has been going to work every year to measure the state of the world. your SDG index tracks global progress from poverty reduction and climate protection to education. A color scale from green to red shows where which country has its problem areas, a point system between 0 and 100 also allows a comparison between the states. Unsurprisingly, European countries with strong social systems always do relatively well. Austria is in 6th place in the current ranking. So far, the index team has been able to report that the situation in the world is constantly improving. This year, global development is - not surprisingly - showing a sharp decline for the first time since 2015. Nevertheless, Sachs & Co do not recommend a return to pre-Corona times. Instead of rebuilding, they are calling for a global "forward building" so that by 2030 - the target date of the SDG - global development will actually become a success story everywhere.

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea