guest commentary

How companies can create SDG impact

Shruti Athavale

Issue 91 - summer 2021

Athavale Shruti
Shruti Athavale, KPMG Austria

Austria has committed to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Business is an indispensable partner for achieving the 17 goals (SDG). Companies should look at their entire value chain in detail in order to identify the current and future effects in relation to the individual SDGs. Companies should then focus on selected goals that have the greatest impact on society and the environment. 

By defining specific indicators, ambitious measures and goals, companies can exert pressure in their business area and achieve improved competitiveness. An early recognition of challenges also allows the realization of possible business opportunities. 

What exactly can companies do? For example, contribute to development goal number 1 (“No poverty”) by ensuring fair wages not only in your own company, but in the entire supply chain. In this way, companies ensure that their business activities contribute to a socially acceptable society and sustainable economy. 

Shruti Athavale works as Assistant Manager Sustainability Services at KPMG Austria.

Photo: KPMG