corporAID Vision

corporAID Vision

Globalization has intensified economic relations between European companies and developing countries. Global networking has opened new and unprecedented perspectives. Businesses are playing an increasingly important role, both economically and socially, for emerging and developing economies.

In a globalized world, the social responsibility of every company also has a global dimension. Any action, whether by a person or by a company, can affect people and the environment worldwide. That's a big responsibility - and an even bigger chance. 

Integrating social responsibility into your own management strategy can be a challenge for any business, regardless of its size. It is important to take the first step. The corporAID platform supports companies in this first step and beyond - through information and networking.

Our goals

  • To increase the development benefits and efficiency of activities and interdependence of Austrian companies in and with developing countries, thereby strengthening the contribution of Austria and the Austrian economy to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • To promote a business-oriented understanding of development cooperation and increase awareness of the complementarity between business and development
  • To promote the formation of solution-oriented alliances between companies to address individual SDG subgoals in their business environment and / or value chains in developing countries

  • To improve the framework conditions in Austria for companies active or wishing to become active in emerging and developing countries, with a view to contributing to the SDGs
The Global Goals For Sustainable Development

You want to promote these goals together with us?

Numerous Austrian companies and partners from politics, science and civil society already support the corporAID platform. Learn more about the possibilities of a corporAID partnership here!