About corporAID

About corporAID

corporAID is the Austrian Platform for Business, Development and Global Responsibility.

Since 2003, corporAID has been demonstrating how innovative business development cooperation and corporate responsibility create innovative solutions for sustainable global development. The team and partners of the corporAID platform promote a development cooperation in Austria that focuses on the economy and help companies to translate global CSR from theory to business practice - to the benefit of the company and people in emerging and developing countries.

We are proud of what we have been able to do in recent years for business and development - also thanks to strong partners. 

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Initiator ICEP

corporAID is an initiative of ICEP, an independent Austrian development organization with a clear goal: to bring people to business and business to the people. ICEP advises partners in developing countries as well as companies on how to integrate poor people into economic cycles and implements projects worldwide. ICEP is active in three areas:

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