True Grit

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

Issue 88 - Fall 2020

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID team
Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

It sounds downright euphoric when visions for Africa's energy future are drawn up internationally: For example, the steadily increasing energy demand is to be entirely derived from renewable sources in the future. Up to now, euphoria has only been felt to a limited extent in Africa itself; the economic turbulence resulting from the corona crisis is further weakening the already poor supply. And ultimately, for the many Africans who currently have no way of cooling their food, watching football or - in the worst case - being ventilated, it will be of secondary importance whether it is electricity from coal, nuclear or solar energy acts. Rather, it is more about reliability and affordability. The cost of generating electricity from renewable energy sources has been falling for years, and appropriate projects must now follow - as a courageous fight against the crisis and an investment in the future at the same time. Regardless of whether on- or off-grid: True grit is required, i.e. real political and entrepreneurial guts, so that something really gets going. 

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea