Trigos 2021
Winner 2021 from left to right: Reinhard Schneider from Werner & Mertz, Maria Bödecker from Reinsaat, Georg Strasser and Stefanie Krenn from Too Good To Go, Martin van Berkum from EVVA, Helmut Reckziegel from Greiner Packaging, Günter Redhammer from Fill and Marissa Florian from Plasticpreneur.

What do the Hilton Vienna Park Hotel, the retailers Spar and Hofer and the delicatessen chain Trzeniewski have together? They all sell leftover food and meals at low pick-up prices directly to consumers, thus ensuring that more edible food ends up on the plate and less in the bin. And they rely - like 2.300 other Austrian cafés, hotels and bakeries - on the “Too Good To Go” app from the company of the same name, which defines itself as the “movement against food waste”. And Too Good To Go actually makes a difference: since it started in August 2019, around 1,5 million leftover food portions have been sold - a win-win for businesses, consumers, the environment and the climate. 

Trigos: Good in the core business

Too Good To Go is one of the six companies that won a Trigos Prize this year, Austria's most prestigious award for responsible management. The gala for Awarding of the 18th Trigo went live in mid-September in the dome hall of the TU Vienna, via live stream and with music and video messages. The event was under the patronage of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, who, like Cynthia Zimmermann, Head of Section in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Digitization or Christoph Neumayer, General Secretary of the Federation of Industry, the foresight, the innovative strength and importance  companies that act responsibly. During the course of the gala, all 18 companies nominated this year from the six categories of exemplary projects, employee initiatives, international engagement, regional value creation, social innovation & future challenges and climate protection were briefly presented again in video clips. A nomination is given by the Trigos jury to companies that anchor responsible behavior in all areas of the company and also contribute to the global goals for sustainable development of the United Nations, SDG for short, with an innovative initiative. This year the jury had to evaluate 150 submissions. In addition to Too Good To Go, the representatives from Greiner Packaging and Fill, from Plasticpreneur and ReinSaat as well as from EVVA were delighted to be honored as a model company and to individually designed and handcrafted trophies. 

And the Trigos 2021 ...

... went to six Austrian companies in the following categories:

Exemplary projects

Greiner: Environmentally friendly packaging
Greiner: Environmentally friendly packaging

The Upper Austrian packaging manufacturer Greiner Packaging received the Trigos for “School Milk Loop”: The company, together with Petman, Starlinger Viscotec and the school milk farmers, developed a yoghurt cup that is made from XNUMX percent recycled material and can be reused.

Employee initiatives

Fill: The learning workshop makes it fit for the future
Fill: The learning workshop makes it fit for the future

machine builders Fill was awarded for the Fill Future Lab and the Apprentice Challenge. The Innviertel-based company has founded a learning workshop in which schoolchildren can experiment with media technology, virtual reality or robots and discover their talents - an initiative against the shortage of skilled workers and rural exodus. 

International commitment

Plasticpreneur: empowerment
Plasticpreneur: empowerment

Also the easy-to-use plastic recycling machines from the start-up Plasticpreneur by doing circular were awarded. The Wiener Neustädter also impart the know-how to people in developing countries to manufacture and market new and practical products from old plastic.

Regional value creation 

ReinSaat: More than just sowing
ReinSaat: More than just sowing

The Waldviertel seed producer Pure seed received the Trigos for the new development of regionally adapted, non-seeded and GMO-free crops. The advantage: The seeds can be harvested and reused for the next sowing - while maintaining roughly their yield. ReinSaat offers around 700 varieties.

Social Innovation & Future Challenges 

Too Good To Go: Less in the bin
Too Good To Go: Less in the bin

The Vienna-based offshoot of the Danish Too Good To Go- Movement was awarded for its app, with which restaurants, supermarkets or bakeries can offer surplus food cheaply. With the “Often Longer Good” campaign, Too Goo to Go is also campaigning for information about the best-before date.

Climate Protection

EVVA: climate-friendly production

EVVA security technology received the Trigos Prize for the central building control system and the promotion of clean production: the Viennese access system manufacturer uses artificial intelligence for heating and cooling, which enables significant electricity savings. EVVA is also steadily increasing production without oil, emulsions or water.

Sustainably successful

The Trigos honorary award to an internationally active personality with outstanding commitment to responsibility and sustainability went to Reinhard Schneider, managing partner and owner of Werner & Mertz. His medium-sized company produces well-known and successful cleaning brands such as Emsal, Erdal, Green Care Professional and Frosch in Mainz and Hallein (near Salzburg). Schneider is considered an eco-pioneer in the industry, as he has been campaigning for high environmental compatibility of products and packaging for more than 20 years. "We have long been concerned with how to perfect the recycling of plastic so that it becomes clear that the material is not the devil's stuff, but rather the right way to deal with it," he explained to the audience. Schneider not only wants to advance its own product portfolio, but also that of the industry, for example by making patents available to competitors for ecological innovations. 

Even more inspiration

Trigos also wants to promote sustainable entrepreneurship more strongly. As moderator Mari Lang revealed at the end of the gala, the Trigos is to be developed into a larger platform for expertise, exchange and networking. After all, there cannot be enough of responsibly acting companies.

Photos: Buero de Martin, Martin Mayrhofer (EVVA), Fill, Greiner, Kelag-Daniel Waschnig, ReinSaat, Stefanie Krenn