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Trigos 2019: Good Practice Wanted

TRIGOS-GALA 2018: The application for 2019 is running.
TRIGOS-GALA 2018: The application for 2019 is running.

Until 15. March, Austrian companies can already sign up for the 16. Time to promote the Trigos, Austria's most prestigious award for responsible business practices. 2018 had challenged 125 companies. Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi, a member of the Federation of Industrialists and member of the Trigos jury, wants to motivate innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in particular for a submission: "The Trigos has been completely overhauled for 2018. The application process was simplified and companies were given the opportunity to submit several activities. In addition, we are gradually expanding the Trigos scouting network. "Here, individuals and experts can identify companies, address them directly, or raise awareness about the Respact CSR platform that organizes trigos.

Trigos uses a two-stage process to assess the participating companies. First, the responsibility in the core business is assessed, in level 2 the focus is on a specific activity of the company in the categories of exemplary projects, employee initiatives, international commitment, regional value creation, social innovation & future challenges and - new - climate protection. "There are many more companies that make an innovative contribution to sustainable development than they are often aware of," says Coudenhove-Kalergi. Especially in international engagement, she sees hidden potential, which is achieved with the support of the Austrian Development Agency ADA and Außenwirtschaft Austria should be lifted. In addition to the nationwide Trigos, the 2019 award is also presented in Lower Austria and Styria.

You will receive all information about the Trigos here!

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