Tick ​​Tock

Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID

Issue 87 - summer 2020

Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID team
Melanie Pölzinger, corporAID

I recently took a look at the CO2 countdown of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change. Now I know: When my daughter enters fourth grade in 2027, we will have used the greenhouse gas budget that we have left to achieve the global climate protection goals - unless our energy consumption changes. Then there are only two options left: either zero emissions or irreversible environmental damage. Numerous initiatives are now hoping that the state stimulus programs for Covid-19 will provide strong leverage for the switch to the green economy. But no matter how relaxed the billions are at the moment, economic aid is not a substitute for a decarbonization strategy that incentivizes long-term investments in sustainable technologies. Unfortunately, one could not agree on a coherent strategy even in good economic times. And without a regulatory framework for sustainable business, the CO2 countdown will tick slower for a short time at most.

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea