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Expensive data

Not only the price per gigabyte is decisive for the affordability of mobile Internet, but above all its ratio to per capita income.

Percent of monthly income
the average user pays in the
DR Congo for a GB of mobile data

If the Internet fails, many become nervous: Constant access to the Internet has become indispensable in our latitudes. In some regions, however, life in online mode is not part of everyday life - often because of the costs: The Alliance for Affordable Internet A4AI determined that more than a billion people live in countries where mobile data is extremely expensive.

According to this, one gigabyte of data in Africa costs 7,1 percent of the average monthly income. That is three and a half times the affordability limit defined by the United Nations: One gigabyte should cost a maximum of two percent of monthly income. Only 24 percent of Africans are online today, the continent is considered a global internet latecomer. In Asia, where 47 percent of the population surfs, the prices for one gigabyte of data are just below the two percent benchmark.

According to A4AI, many markets simply lack competition: In monopoly markets, a gigabyte costs up to $ 7,33 more - and around 260 million people now live in regions where a single provider dominates the market.