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Climate Lab in Vienna

House of Climate Protection

In Vienna's Spittelau, the Climate Lab is Austria's first innovation hub for everything to do with climate protection.

raw material from Africa

Marula: Versatile and promising

Issue 94 - spring 2022
Oil obtained from the kernels of the African marula fruit is increasingly being used in care and cosmetic products.


Waiting for marula bars

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
The South African Cyril Lombard works on the further development and internationalization of the marula sector in Africa.


Sought-after raw material for the cosmetics industry

Issue 94 - spring 2022
Udo Reinhardt imports marula oil from Namibia through his company Aurum Africa and supplies it to the European cosmetics industry.

Swimsol: Energy from the sea

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
With floating solar systems, the company Swimsol wants to curb diesel consumption in the Maldives. A business with sunny prospects.

The current number

Playful world

The gaming industry's growth markets include Latin America, the Middle East and - with a plus of 10 percent - Africa.

Ghana: West Africa's newcomer

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Stable political conditions and a diversifying economy make Ghana increasingly popular with international companies and investors. Critical voices are also increasing in their own country.

Africa Day: Green and Digital

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
At Africa Day, the great opportunities that arise for Austrian companies on the neighboring continent were once again emphasized. The focus was on green technologies, digitization and infrastructure.


Achieving more together

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
For Cora Bay from Leverist, sustainable development can only be achieved in cooperation with business.

Raw Materials

Baobab: Africa's superfruit

Issue 91 - summer 2021
Africa's imposing baobab trees thrive in harsh conditions and can live for more than a thousand years. Its vitamin and fiber-rich fruits - in powder form - are being consumed more and more frequently in Europe and the USA. But baobab has not yet made its big market breakthrough.