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Agenda 2030: Development on the brakes

Edition 89 - Winter 2020
Fighting poverty, access to high-quality education for all girls and boys, basic health care for everyone: 17 countries have set a total of 193 goals for a better world by 2030. The effects of the pandemic are likely to make it much more difficult to achieve the goals.


Smooth transition

Issue 88 - Fall 2020
This year, World Overshoot Day fell - the day on which more resources were used than nature can regenerate within a year - ...

Corporate Responsibility

Committed in times of crisis

Issue 88 - Fall 2020
In the crisis year 2020, numerous companies are taking the opportunity to demonstrate a sense of responsibility. In doing so, they use different paths and approaches.

Cooperating corporations

New alliances

Corporations are joining forces to make the economy more climate-friendly and, for example, to protect global water resources.

Corporate climate goals

Climate protection in the core business

Austrian Post and IKEA are pursuing ambitious climate goals - from electric vehicles to solar panels to beehives.

ASRA 2020

Sustainability reports asked!

Austrian companies can submit their entries for the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award 14 until September 2020th.


Tick ​​Tock

Issue 87 - summer 2020
I recently took a look at the CO2 countdown of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change. Now I know if ...

Social Enterprises

New neighbors and thick roofs

Issue 87 - summer 2020
In many developing countries, millions of people live in confined spaces, which is currently making it extremely difficult to combat the coronavirus. The future challenge of living is becoming clearer than ever in this crisis and requires great efforts at all levels - social enterprises from South Africa to India make a valuable contribution.

UN Global Compact

Compass instead of criticism

Issue 87 - summer 2020
"Uniting the economy for a better world" is the mission of the United Nations Global Compact. With around 11.000 participating companies, the voluntary pact is the largest initiative for sustainable business. The international network is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

Sustainable economy post Corona: What do Austrian companies say? | VBV

As part of the new online discussion series "VBV in Discourse", the VBV pension fund is addressing key issues of the future together with top discussion partners.