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Urbanization: Islands of Heat

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
Heat is becoming an increasing health risk for city dwellers. But worldwide, innovative pioneers are declaring war on the urban heat.


Good News

Issue 94 - spring 2022
In March 2022, the United Nations Environment Assembly unanimously decided to draw up a global agreement against plastic waste.


Build better cities

Issue 94 - spring 2022
Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton Professor and expert on sustainable infrastructure, recommends differentiated measures.


Komptech CEO Heinz Leitner: The potential lies outside of Europe.

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
The Styrian waste specialist Komptech is in better shape today than it was before the pandemic. The company is likely to continue to benefit from megatrends such as population growth, climate protection and the circular economy in the future. In any case, CEO Heinz Leitner is optimistic in an interview with corporAID.

Global sanitation crisis: The great mission of Mister Toilet

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, has been explaining the global toilet shortage to the world as "Mister Toilet" for 20 years.


"Like a space toilet in a slum"

Magazine 93 - Winter 2021/22
Harald Gründl is the founder of the Viennese design office EOOS NEXT. He and his team have been designing innovative and sustainable toilets for ten years.


Sanitation: Small business, big business

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Because the world cannot wait until everyone has a classic toilet, resourceful companies are turning to alternative solutions.

Grand Transitions

Explaining the world

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
Vaclav Smil shows how mankind made the transition from traditional agricultural societies to modern civilization.

Fact check sustainability

Faithful to the facts

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
The physicist Thomas Unnerstall formulates a list of priorities in terms of sustainability.


Innio CEO Carlos Lange: We are helping to shape the energy transition

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
For Carlos Lange, CEO of the Jenbacher gas engine manufacturer Innio, globalization is a success story with a future. In an interview with corporAID, he explains how his company is preparing and helping to shape the transformation of the energy sector.