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Diversity and resilience

Robust variety

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
This year's Forum Alpbach is themed "diversity and resilience". The two keywords should not only serve as reference points for the seminars, but above all prepare the ground for answers to the question of how ...


Lessons from Cape Town

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Katrin Brübach, water expert for 100 Resilient Cities, advises cities like Cape Town, Jakarta and Honolulu to prevent or manage water crises.


200 functions too much

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Frugal innovations open up new sales markets, but they should also solve social problems, according to innovation researcher Rajnish Tiwari.

Agri-Water Innovation Challenge

Curator aquarium

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Austrian know-how in the fight against the water crisis in Cape Town: The Außenwirtschaft Austria brought home-made innovations for water treatment to the drought-stricken city with the "Agri-Water Innovation Challenge" - the first promising ...

trade Association

Blockchain for shrimp and cocoa

Vienna, 12. April 2018
The trade association presented in Vienna a B2B study, which shows innovation opportunities in the agricultural sector of developing regions through the use of Blockchain.