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UNIDO: SDG funding accelerated

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Impact financial organization Imfino, which is also based in Vienna, want to address the "considerable deficits" in ...


SDG Business Forum 2019

Vienna, 21. March 2019
At BMDW's SDG Business Forum 2019, experts and practitioners reflected on the opportunities and challenges of current megatrends such as urbanization and the digital revolution in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG.

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World's Fair: Best Practice in Dubai

Dubai will be hosting the next World Expo from October 2020 to April 2021 under the slogan "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". Around 180 countries will be their ...

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CSR Guide 2019: anniversary signpost

In mid-February, publisher Michael Fembek invited to the presentation of the CSR Guide 2019 at the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank. The guide through the sustainability and corporate social responsibility landscape ...



Issue 80 - March | April 2019
By the year 2030, the global community wants to fight poverty, preserve the environment and create prosperity as part of the SDG Global Sustainable Development Goals. The...

CSR Circle

Are you already working?

Vienna, 21. January 2019
"Do you only act or are you already acting?", Was the key question of an event of the CSR Circles in the middle of January in Vienna. André Martinuzzi, head of the Institute for Sustainability Management at WU Vienna, presented his research results.


Innovative business models and the SDG

Vienna, 21. January 2019
The Economic Chamber and AG Global Responsibility invited to the 23. January in the WKO Sky Lounge for an exchange on innovative business models for a sustainable future.

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Network "1Million Start-ups": Towards the Million

Education, Health, Environmental Protection, Smart Cities: The 500 start-ups, which together form the network "1Million Start-ups", cover many areas of life and business, meet ...

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CEE Conference: Cities in the SDG Dialogue

Sustainable urban development is still on everyone's lips, including the two-day CEE conference in Vienna at the beginning of October: representatives from Ljubljana, Kraków, Sarajevo, Jihlava, Prague, ...

corporAID conference

Urban Development Markets

Vienna, 6. November 2018
The corporAID conference 2018 spanned the range from sustainable solutions to innovative partnerships to concrete business opportunities for Austrian companies resulting from urbanization.