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The goals in view

Also this year the corporate network Global Compact of the United Nations has selected "SDG Pioneers" in ten categories: Executives who are committed to the ...

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Building bridges into practice

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Stefan Grafenhorst, Peter Stettner and Wolfram Tertschnig discuss how companies can translate the global goals for sustainable development into day-to-day business and what role political orientation plays in this.

corporAID Multilogue

Development Investments

Vienna, 4. November 2019
At the corporAID Multilogue on the 4. November in Vienna, the focus was on the role of so-called development investments in return-oriented investments in companies to achieve the SDGs.

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Lufthansa: Bio-Sprit has its price

Lufthansa's response to the climate debate is called Compensaid. This portal is intended to give passengers the opportunity to invest in sustainable fuel, which ...


The pioneers 2019

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
Once again, six Austrian companies that are committed to responsible business and are therefore pioneers in the sustainable design of the Austrian location were awarded the coveted Trigos trophy ...

Who moves Austria

Senate of the Economy: Prize for SDG pioneers

Businesses of all sizes and industries are invited to submit to the SDG Awards of the Senate of the Economy: Business models that integrate sustainability and so on ...

Sustainable Development Goals

It depends on the economy

Issue 81 - May | June 2019
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short, are more than a political framework for creating a better world: for companies, global goals can be valuable guides to a bright future. Time for that ...


Key markets

Issue 81 - May | June 2019
"Sustainability as a chance for companies and locations" or "Using the SDG for economic success": With such titles, the new foreign trade strategy concedes to all ...

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UNIDO: SDG funding accelerated

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Impact financial organization Imfino, which is also based in Vienna, want to address the "considerable deficits" in ...


SDG Business Forum 2019

Vienna, 21. March 2019
At BMDW's SDG Business Forum 2019, experts and practitioners reflected on the opportunities and challenges of current megatrends such as urbanization and the digital revolution in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG.