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Agenda 2030: Development on the brakes

Edition 89 - Winter 2020
Fighting poverty, access to high-quality education for all girls and boys, basic health care for everyone: 17 countries have set a total of 193 goals for a better world by 2030. The effects of the pandemic are likely to make it much more difficult to achieve the goals.


Award for groundbreaking projects

On September 16th, the Trigo, Austria's most prestigious award for responsible management, was presented for the 17th time. The six award winners reflect the range of sustainability commitments of the Austrian economy.

Interview with Martin Ledolter

More responsibility needs more resources

Issue 87 - summer 2020
Martin Ledolter, Managing Director of the Austrian Development Agency ADA, on the current increase in the Austrian budget for development cooperation, how these funds are also used to combat the corona pandemic in partner countries and the further development of ADA from a funding organization to an implementation organization.

UN Global Compact

Compass instead of criticism

Issue 87 - summer 2020
"Uniting the economy for a better world" is the mission of the United Nations Global Compact. With around 11.000 participating companies, the voluntary pact is the largest initiative for sustainable business. The international network is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into Corporate Reporting | Global Compact ...

The webinar provides insights into the importance of the SDGs for society, business and investors, provides an overview of interesting tools and standards and shows how investors use the information about the SDG commitment of companies.


Show responsibility

The submission deadline for Trigos 2020 has been extended: Responsible companies can submit for the award until May 15.

Who moves Austria

SDG partner exchange

Actively bringing together new partners - that was the goal of a matchmaking event in Vienna, to which respACT and AustrianStart-ups invited as part of the Circle17 initiative in February.


Action, please!

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Slowly the deadline is approaching: there are still ten years until 2030. Until then the world should be in a much better position than today: without hunger ...

Financing for development

Impact investing

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
The motto should be 'impact first' if capital is to be directed in the right direction to achieve the global goals for sustainable development. Better cooperation between private and public investors could help here.


Real impact must be affordable

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Financial expert Ulrich Grabenwarter from the European Investment Fund EIF wants to be more proactive about impact investment and sees an important role for development banks.