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Important orientation

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
The sustainability focus is currently more on packaging than on value chains, says Cafe + Co boss Fritz Kaltenegger.

Trigos 2018

Pioneer on the stage!

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
In the fifteenth year of its existence, the Trigos sets new accents. Excellence was awarded in five categories, an honorary prize went to an international sustainability pioneer for the first time.


Sustainability and digitalization

St. Poelten, 10. October 2018
300 participants discussed with experts, company representatives, start-ups and scientists at the CSR day 2018 organized by respACT how digitalization can be used for a livable future. October in St. Pölten.

Who moves Austria

respACT serves a sustainable summer menu

Business lunch and summer brunch: In July, the CSR company platform respACT hosted three network meetings. The Entrée formed an event in Salzburg on the potential of ...

news flash

Price for sustainability

The European Commission has launched the "European Sustainability Award" this year. The award, which is presented in seven categories, aims to promote initiatives that will help global ...

Who moves Austria

Sustainable together

The sustainability goals of companies do not thrive in private, but develop primarily in dialogue with key stakeholders - this is emphasized by three new ...

news flash

Shaping change

From the 15. to 31. August 2018, 5.000 participants from business, politics, science and culture exchange ideas at the European Forum Alpbach in the context of ...


Our growth markets are everywhere

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Mühlviertler Maschinenbauer Engel manufactures injection molding machines for the plastics industry. CEO Stefan Engleder explains why his industry is particularly affected by the growth of the world's population ...


Global Goals for Business

Vienna, 24. January 2018
Experts in the Federation of Industrialists discussed how new growth markets for Austrian companies can emerge through the global goals for sustainable development SDG and what framework conditions are required.