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Use strengths better

Issue 86 - spring 2020
Susanna Moorehead, chair of the OECD's Development Assistance Committee, sees one of the big questions for the future in reconciling climate change efforts with the economic and social development of poor countries. She wants Austria to have more financial commitment and more holistic access to development cooperation.

Ethical business

Pact against plastic waste

The European Plastic Pact was launched in Brussels at the beginning of March.

Global Business

Better neighbors

A close relationship with Africa is likely to be a major concern of the EU Commission that started in late 2019.

Who moves Austria

In a new light

The Vorarlberg lighting manufacturer Zumtobel has equipped the child cancer ward of the Black Lion Hospital in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa with new lighting. The biggest...

news flash

Close partnership

Abiy Ahmed instead of Trump: The first non-European business trip took the newly minted EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to Ethiopia - so far the heads of commission have chosen ...


Austrian know-how in development business 2019

Issues from January to December 2019
Austrian companies are active in developing countries on behalf of international development finance providers. Here is a look back at successful collaborations with the World Bank and Co in 2019.

3 conversation

Building bridges into practice

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Stefan Grafenhorst, Peter Stettner and Wolfram Tertschnig discuss how companies can translate the global goals for sustainable development into day-to-day business and what role political orientation plays in this.

climate protection instruments

Succession unsettled

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
The Mechanism for Environmentally Compatible Development, CDM for short, has initiated thousands of climate-friendly projects in developing countries. It is still unclear whether and how things will go with the 1997 world climate summit in Kyoto ...



Issue 84 - November | December 2019
The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Austrians feel affected by global challenges such as migration or global warming can be seen not least in the past National Council elections, ...

news flash

PREVENT: New Waste Alliance launched

About 30 Organizations from business, science, civil society and government institutions launched 2019's PREVENT waste alliance in Germany in May. She serves...