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Thought further

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
Companies are the key to sustainable development in many areas - reason enough to involve them heavily in development projects.

Matchmaking platform

Leverist: Companies wanted

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
The Leverist platform shows companies concrete business opportunities in developing and emerging countries.


Achieving more together

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
For Cora Bay from Leverist, sustainable development can only be achieved in cooperation with business.


SDG Pioneer Robert Okine: A Data Man

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
Robert Okine, SDG pioneer for digital innovation & inclusion, wants to promote the implementation of the 17 SDGs with his IT company Bewsys.

News in brief

Expertise from Austria for projects in developing countries

Issues 2021
In cooperation with the World Bank and Co, Austrian consultants are active in all corners of the world. Find current projects here.

Covax: Left in the lurch?

Issue 91 - summer 2021
Vaccinating the entire world population against Covid-19 is a mammoth task. In most developing countries there is still a lack of available vaccines, financial resources and, in some cases, factual information - but the fight for global vaccination coverage is ongoing on many levels.

Assembly plan for vaccination Ikeas

Issue 91 - summer 2021
While there is currently a debate about a lack of vaccine supplies, Covax coordinator Benjamin Schreiber is already one step further in his thoughts.

guest commentary

Corporate cooperation with Impact

Issue 90 - spring 2021
Katharina Jarmai, Senior Researcher at the Josef Ressel Center of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences der WKW, on the added value of multi-stakeholder cooperation in the crisis - and beyond.

New networks

Issue 90 - spring 2021
Interview with Hans Joachim Zinnkann, Senior Project Manager for GIZ in the Lab of Tomorrow project, about success factors and future visions.

Lab of Tomorrow: Ideas for waste

Issue 90 - spring 2021
Mastering development challenges through innovations and cooperation: That is the purpose of the Lab of Tomorrow, which is now also celebrating its premiere in Austria. Partners from various organizations are looking together for business solutions to the waste problem in the Western Balkans.