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Take care!

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
"Chicory in the hospital", "Physician shortage is dramatically more acute", "The doctor, who I never wanted to be": newspaper headlines from Austria, probably anyone who once had a ...

Indian health insurance

Health for all

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
In India, not only does poverty make you ill, you also make illness poor. In order to solve this Gordian knot, Prime Minister Modi introduced the world's largest health insurance last autumn, securing half a billion Indians ...


"A historical opportunity"

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
Nishant Jain is Program Director of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) in India and was directly involved in the preparation and implementation of the new health insurance scheme as a consultant to the Indian Government.

news flash

Boehringer Ingelheim: Healthier Africa

At the beginning of August, Boehringer Ingelheim presented the new initiative "In Reach Africa", with which the pharmaceutical company wishes to contribute to strengthening the African health system. To...