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Austrian know-how in development business 2019

Issues from January to December 2019
Austrian companies are active in developing countries on behalf of international development finance providers. Here is a look back at successful collaborations with the World Bank and Co in 2019.

Financing for development

Impact investing

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
The motto should be 'impact first' if capital is to be directed in the right direction to achieve the global goals for sustainable development. Better cooperation between private and public investors could help here.


Real impact must be affordable

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Financial expert Ulrich Grabenwarter from the European Investment Fund EIF wants to be more proactive about impact investment and sees an important role for development banks.

Austrian know-how

With the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank in the health sector of Asia

Laos Supported by a soft loan from the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank, the Laotian Ministry of Health entrusted SFC Umwelttechnik with the task of ensuring the water supply and disposal of the Mittaphab Hospital in ...

climate protection instruments

Succession unsettled

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
The Mechanism for Environmentally Compatible Development, CDM for short, has initiated thousands of climate-friendly projects in developing countries. It is still unclear whether and how things will go with the 1997 world climate summit in Kyoto ...

corporAID Multilogue

Development Investments

Vienna, 4. November 2019
At the corporAID Multilogue on the 4. November in Vienna, the focus was on the role of so-called development investments in return-oriented investments in companies to achieve the SDGs.

Austrian know-how

Water projects of the German KfW Development Bank in the Balkans

Serbia In Subotica, just before the border with Hungary, the interconnected Palic and Ludas Lakes could provide a high quality recreational area. But still the water quality is ...

Austrian know-how

Toll and energy: working with the EBRD

North Macedonia The Balkan country is integrated into the pan-European transport network, but has hardly made any profit from it so far. This should be done with an electronic toll system that the EBRD ...

news flash

Export credit insurer: stronger together

The export credit insurers Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, Euler Hermes from Germany and SERV from Switzerland have recently announced their plans for closer cooperation ....

SME financing

Off to Africa!

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
At the end of 2018, a new financing instrument for investments in Africa was announced, and now the starting signal has been given: companies can now submit their project proposals for the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility.