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Harvest Savior

Issue 88 - Fall 2020
US agricultural expert Lisa Kitinoja, founder of the Postharvest Education Foundation, trains smallholders in Africa and Asia.

Food losses

Uneaten: Food loss is a global problem

Issue 88 - Fall 2020
A third of all food produced is never eaten for two reasons: through waste and through loss. While one is more of a rich country problem that is receiving increasing attention, the other often affects poorer countries - and may be underestimated.

Smart agriculture

Digital tools for small farmers

Issue 86 - spring 2020
Higher yields, more income and thus more development: digital technologies are intended to transform Africa's largest economic sector - smallholder agriculture - and thus make it more powerful.

Economic Partnerships

Cashew Business

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Harvested in Africa, cracked in Asia - that used to be true for hundreds of thousands of tons of cashews. Environment consultant Paul Schreilechner wants to change that and opened a processing plant in Tanzania for 2017. The Austrian Development Agency ADA supported in the start phase.


The blue field

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
From nearly zero to 80 million tonnes in 60 years: Aquaculture is experiencing unprecedented global growth. The industry can be part of the solution for future global food - if it finds solutions to urgent problems.


Blue-green cycle

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
The Viennese start-up Blün operates the first commercial aquaponic facility in Austria. Founder and CEO Michael Berlin explains why running in circles can be very sustainable.


Snack while traveling

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
Cashews are among the most consumed nuts in the world - and they stand for globalization in snack format: they are originally from Brazil, grow in many African and Asian countries, and are ...


All-rounders from the tropics

Issue 78 - November | December 2018
It is growing at dizzying heights and is gaining in popularity worldwide: the coconut. But while demand for coconut products is booming, harvests are stagnating in the growing areas.

news flash

Food in the trash

One third of the world's food (1,6 billion tons annually) ends up in garbage, and the trend is rising. To this analysis comes a new report from the Boston Consulting ...