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Toll and energy: working with the EBRD

North Macedonia The Balkan country is integrated into the pan-European transport network, but has hardly made any profit from it so far. This should be done with an electronic toll system that the EBRD ...

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Soltrain: Solar thermal for Africa

The Soltrain project of the Styrian research company AEE INTEC has been committed to the increased use of solar thermal energy in southern Africa for ten years. In the...

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New OeEB Strategy: Financing our Shared Future released

The Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG - OeEB has presented its new strategy "Financing our Shared Future". Over the next five years, the focus will be on new ...

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IKEA & Amazon: Transport without damage

Furniture company Ikea and shipping giant Amazon unite a goal: They want to deliver more climate-friendly. Ikea is currently testing the shipping of furniture with freighters fueled by ...

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10 years of green bonds

When Swedish pension funds asked the World Bank at the end of 2007 whether they could invest their money in climate-friendly projects, this was the birth of the Green ...

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EU jumps at Gates

Bill Gates heads the Breakthrough Energy Ventures BEV fund, which began working with 1 billion dollars at the end of 2016. BEV promotes innovative ...

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Push for climate-friendly business ideas

A digital platform for easy identification of sustainable investment funds, a novel energy-saving greenhouse lighting system, a fully automated stone fruit processing technology or environmentally-friendly mobile ...

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Brainbows: Klimachampions wanted

The consulting firm Brainbows is again looking for climate protection flagship projects related to emerging and developing countries. By the end of January, companies that ...

Economic Partnerships

Where the sun glows

Issue 79 - January | February 2019
The BFI Burgenland, together with the Serbian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, is establishing a technical academy that will counteract the high shortage of skilled workers by providing training for industrial staff and the unemployed.

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OMV: More gas and innovation

"Oil & Gas at its best" - this is the motto of the new Sustainability Strategy 2025 of OMV AG, which CEO Rainer Seele presented in Vienna ...