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Who moves Austria

Trigos 2019: Good Practice Wanted

Until 15. March, Austrian companies can already sign up for the 16. Time to promote the Trigos, Austria's most prestigious award for responsible business practices. 2018 had ...

Who moves Austria

Austria's best rapporteur

Austria's best sustainability report for the 2017 financial year was presented by Raiffeisen Bank International. She was the winner of the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award ASRA ...

corporAID Multilogue - Vorarlberg

Doing Business in Africa

Wolfurt, 12. November 2018
Africa is increasingly regarded as a promising continent for companies and investors. The corporAID Multilogue: Doing Business in Africa ​​highlighted opportunities and challenges for European companies on the African continent.

news flash

Clean Oceans Initiative: Money for Clean Oceans

A challenge against marine pollution is the new Clean Oceans Initiative, which aims to promote projects aimed at reducing plastic waste and untreated sewage in ...

corporAID Multilogue

Affordable Excellence

Vienna, 4. October 2018
On the basis of findings of a study by the TU Hamburg-Harburg, experts discussed how frugal innovations can also gain importance in Austrian companies and what implications this has for innovation policy.

Economic Partnerships

First class power plants

Issue 78 - November | December 2018
Together with the Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank, the Tyrolean engineering group ILF intends to set up planning competencies for hydroelectric power plants in Laos and open up the energy market for private investors with high quality standards.

Urban Development Markets

Cities in focus

Issue 78 - November | December 2018
Six billion people will live in cities in 2050, more than two-thirds of the world's population. In order to achieve the global goals for sustainable development, investments in urban development together with ...

Economic Partnerships

Tech-Ak for Serbia

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
The BFI Burgenland, together with the Serbian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, is establishing a technical academy that will counteract the high shortage of skilled workers by providing training for industrial staff and the unemployed.

Urban resilience

Water march!

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Cape Town had this year impose the water emergency. However, the South African metropolis is not alone with water problems. Population growth, climate change and poor water management threaten global ...

Soft loans

Favorable conditions

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
The soft loan is a sought-after financing solution for projects in developing countries and is designed to kill two birds with one stone: export promotion and development.