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Viktualia Award 2019: Precious Food

Around 157.000 tonnes of food and leftovers totaling one billion euros end up in waste every year in Austria. With the initiative "Food is precious!" ...

Collaborative philanthropy

Millions for brave ideas

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
TED is one of the best-known formats for presenting exciting ideas: The TED Talks on economics, science, technology or the arts are downloaded billions of times over the Internet. Launched with the 2018 initiative ...


The pioneers 2019

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
Once again, six Austrian companies that are committed to responsible business and are therefore pioneers in the sustainable design of the Austrian location were awarded the coveted Trigos trophy ...

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20 years ASRA

The best sustainability reports from Austrian companies and organizations are awarded annually by the Chamber of Tax Advisors and Auditors. The deadline for submitting annual reports for the 2018 financial year is ...

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Startup competition Greenstart: Price rain for green ideas

You did it: At the end of May, three young Austrian companies won the start-up competition Greenstart with their ideas on the subject of resource conservation, which this year for the fourth time ...

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Senate of the Economy: Prize for SDG pioneers

Businesses of all sizes and industries are invited to submit to the SDG Awards of the Senate of the Economy: Business models that integrate sustainability and so on ...

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Josef Umdasch Research Award: Ideas from all over the world

157 submissions from 63 countries show: The Josef Umdasch Research Prize, which is awarded annually by the Umdasch Group, is a popular competition for innovative start-ups from ...

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Vienna Environmental Champions 2019

In order to reduce the ecological footprint by a third, up to 2030, Henkel CEE has developed the package "Packaging 18". Already the higher ...

news flash

REWE: Naturally successful

Yes! Of course, the Austrian organic brand of REWE International, has received the honorary prize of the Energy Globe World Awards in the Iranian Yazd for the project "Green Packaging".

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Trigos 2019: Good Practice Wanted

Until 15. March, Austrian companies can already sign up for the 16. Time to promote the Trigos, Austria's most prestigious award for responsible business practices. 2018 had ...