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World Champion

Issue 94 - spring 2022
The Austrian apprenticeship training is considered a successful model. Domestic companies should increasingly offer them abroad.


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Issue 87 - summer 2020
Around 15 days: So rarely will a child in Austria have seen an inside school between mid-March and early September. A certificate ...

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App helps with the number one topic

Issue 87 - summer 2020
With more than one million users in 190 countries, MedShr is the leading digital hub for practical knowledge in the medical field. A current focus of work is on supporting medical personnel in Africa and the Middle East with relevant experience on Covid-19. The Austrian Development Agency supports the commitment.

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Professionals forge

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
With the Meister Training Center, the Kosovar entrepreneur Hysni Ymeri has launched a practical training center for technical professions in Pristina and was able to count on the support of the Austrian Development Agency.

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Skills training for new markets

Höchst, 12. November 2019
How companies with practice-oriented training programs in emerging and developing countries contribute to market development, experts discussed in this Multilogue in Vorarlberg.

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Courses for broadening horizons

On five dates, the Incite consulting institute provides executives and those responsible for sustainability with the course "CSR / Sustainability Management in Business & Public Sector" central knowledge in the field of ...

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New course: International Project Development

With the new course "International Project Development" the FH Vienna of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and the Außenwirtschaft Austria to the corresponding know-how needs in Austrian companies ....

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Course with job guarantee

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
For the Tyrolean machine-builder Felder, India is a significant and, above all, growing market. In order to further boost sales of its woodworking machines, Felder has teamed up with the Don Bosco Technical Campus in Chennai ...

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Integrate Western Balkans

Bringing Austria's economic cooperation with the Western Balkan states to a completely new level - that was the aim of a meeting of Federal Economic Chamber President Harald Mahrer, ...

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UN Global Compact Academy: Learning to Sustain

A new learning platform should motivate companies to become more sustainable. The UN Global Compact Academy offers an interactive e-learning course that helps companies to understand the global ...