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Shrinking forest

Every year the world loses more than ten million hectares of forest. Above all, the illegal logging of precious woods is a major problem.

Current number forest
Billions of euros a year: the illegal timber industry is highly lucrative.

It is finely grained, hard and resilient and ideally suited for the construction of instruments and furniture: rosewood is considered the "ivory of the forest". But it is also one of the endangered tropical woods and is protected by the Washington Convention on Species Protection. But more on paper than in practice: According to Interpol, rosewood is the illegal natural product most traded today, which can bring in around 40.000 euros per cubic meter. On the route from the deforestation in Africa, Asia and South America, the transport between the continents, the processing into products to the customer, the value of the wood increases by a factor of 700. 

Current number of Shrinking Forest
The earth still has around four billion hectares of trees. Every year, however, around ten million hectares of forest are lost.

Many other precious woods are now also felled in an uncontrolled manner and the remaining trees are often simply burned in order to gain land for agriculture and livestock farming. In addition, forest crime is characterized by tax evasion, corruption, violent crime, money laundering and the hacking of government websites to obtain permits. For the perpetrators, it should more than pay off. According to Interpol, the "most lucrative environmental crime in the world" has an annual turnover of more than 126 billion euros. 

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