3,2,1, FLY! Zipline's wing drones deliver vaccines, blood and plasma to people in hard-to-reach areas.

30.12.2021 Zipline's success story began five years ago in East Africa: in October 2016, the Californian robotics company opened its first logistics warehouse in Rwanda to supply provincial hospitals with blood products they need at short notice - using drones in less than an hour. The instant deliveries have obviously proven their worth: in the meantime, the company in Rwanda, Ghana and now even in the USA sends out a drone with medicine, blood products or vaccines every four minutes on average. In a pilot program in Ghana, Zipline has also recently started testing the delivery of Pfizer BioNTech vaccines, which require ultra-cold chains. In total, the Californians are said to have handled more than 230.000 flights with 1,6 million products on board. They are likely to continue on the road to success: In the coming year, the first Zip drones will also take off in Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Japan.

Photo: US Embassy Ghana