SDG Pioneer Robert Okine: A Data Man

Issue 92 - Fall 2021

The Ghanaian Robert Okine, SDG pioneer for digital innovation & inclusion, only wants to accept orders with his IT company Bewsys that are in line with the 17 goals for sustainable development.

Robert Okine, Bewsys
Robert Okine, CEO of Bewsys, is SDG Pioneer 2021
corporAID: Congratulations on being recognized as an SDG pioneer! What do the 17 goals mean to you?

Robert Okine: For me, the SDGs are the way to reduce inequality and create a better world for everyone. They are closely linked to our way of life - and, whether we deal with them consciously or unconsciously, we live with their consequences every day, through our interactions with people, through economic activities or our dealings with the environment. With my IT company, I deliver solutions to advance the 17 goals. Data shows us the context of our actions in pursuit of the SDGs and enables us to address local and global problems comprehensively, efficiently and effectively by using our greatest strength - namely partnerships. My advice to business executives is to join organizations like the UN Global Compact and establish sustainable business processes in their companies! 

Bewsys implements IT projects for governments, impact investors, NGOs and companies in African and Asian countries. What topics do you deal with?

Okine: Most people would like the world to be a better place for everyone. Our mission is to deliver digital solutions that significantly improve people's lives and transform organizations. While we are thinking about the SDG, a girl is being forced into prostitution somewhere, a boy in Somalia loses his legs to a buried explosive device, a family in Lesotho is denied vital help due to corruption or people buy drugs that are hazardous to health, trusting that that the authorities have checked the quality. Such scenarios drive us. We mainly work for communities with limited infrastructure. Our solutions include management information systems for social protection so that people at risk actually receive monetary and non-monetary benefits. We develop administrative management systems that increase the efficiency of institutions; or we offer solutions for the education and agricultural sector. 

Thank you for the interview.

Further information: Better World Systems (Bewsys)

Image: Bewsys